J A Shurman ~ Time line

Departure from London & a surprise donation

8/9 July 1833 6pm | London, England

Voyage with the Alexander under Captain Waugh. 63 day voyage from Portsmouth to Cape Town.  Spent five days with Dr Phillips at Cape Town.

"Mr and Mrs Schurman from the London Missionary Society have proceeded to Benares to join Mr Buyers at that place."1 ]


London Missionary Society.
The Rev. Robert Cotton Mather and the Rev. John Adam Schürman, with their wives, sailed from Portsmouth, on the 9th of July, in the "Alexander," Captain G Waugh, for Calcutta, on their way to join the mission in Benares: on the day after they sailed, the Directors received the following Letter with its enclosure.

Observing in the Evangelical Magazine for this month, that God is opening a door for his truth to enter at Benares, East Indies, and believing that, if truth enters, by the teaching of the Holy Spirit, darkness must, though reluctantly, retire; and wishing all possible success to your efforts in sending micsionaries to such dark regions; enclosed you will receive 400£ in aid of the same, from a well-wisher to the universal spread of Divine truth.
10th July 1833

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