Terra Nullius [ 1790 ]

Waste land belonging to no one, ungoverned and uncivilised country free for the taking of the first discoverer. Underlying concept for the colonising of other countries by Western Christian powers, based on Roman Catholic doctrines.

Preliminary notes:

  • 2. Century AD:
    Gaius on the Occupation of terra nullius ("insula nata")1 ]
  • Appeal by Pope Urban II for the First Crusade at the Council of Clermont2 ]
  1. Wilhelm G. Grewe Ed; Fontes Historiae Iuris Gentium. Sources Relating to the History of the Law of Nations. Vol 1: 1380 BC - 1493. Berlin 1995. P235 (from TOC, pXIX). Google Books. [ ▲ ]
  2. ibid., p242 [ ▲ ]

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