Sources on Pirltawardli and the Dresden missionaries

I will provide a more detailed account of the archival and printed sources relating to the encounter between the South Australian Aborigines and the four German Lutheran missionaries. There are a number of repositories, most important of which are the following:

  • ALMW
    The Archive of the “Leipziger Missionswerk” (
    now hosted at the professionally run Archives of the Francke Foundations in Halle, East German.
    It includes the entire archive of the former Dresden Missionary Society which had moved to Leipzig in 1846 and then became the Evangelical Lutheran Mission Society in Leipzig, Saxony, and the entire LMW archive until 1993, including a large part of the mission library.
  • ALCA
    The Archive of the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA), Adelaide
    The Lutheran Archives in Adelaide, as they are commonly known, collect documents relating to the history of Lutheranism in Australia, much of which is at the same time the story of German migration to Australia since 1838.
  • SRSA
    State Records of South Australia
    The government archives of South Australia holds a large part of the state’s official documentary heritage.  Its records cover almost every facet of state and local government administration within South Australia.
  • SLSA
    State Library of Australia

For reference:

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