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Hindustani Version.
The Hindustani, or Urdu, is a dialect of the Hindi, and belongs to the Indic branch of the Aryan language family. It is vernacular to the Mohammedans of India and others, and is generally understood in all the larger towns. The first missionary who supplied the Mohammedans with any part of the Scripture was Benjamin Schultze. In 1746 his translation of the Psalms, and in 1758 that of the New Testament, was published by Callenberg at Halle. This translation was superseded in 1814 by the version of Henry Martyn and Mirza Mat Fitrool, which was published at Serampore. This version was so excellent that an edition in the Devanagari (or regular Sanskrit) character, for the benefit of the Hindus in the upper provinces, was made necessary, and was published at Calcutta in 1817, by the same translators.
Between the years 1833 and 1844 the Old Testament was published, both in arabic and roman character. The translation was made by Messrs. Fitrool, Corrie and Thomasen. In 1855 a revised edition of the Bible into Hindustani was issued from the Mirzapore Press — the so called Benares version of Schürman [sic], Buyers, and Kennedy of the London Missionary Society. From the same press there issued the Testament in roman character in 1838.
In 1856 a revision of the New Testament in Urdu was executed by the Rev. J. Hoernle, at the expense and instance of the North India Bible Society, but after a portion of this edition was set up in type it was destroyed in the mutiny. Mr. Hoernle was then appointed to go to England to bring out a large edition of the New Testament in the arabic letter. This edition was issued in London in 1800.
At the same lime and place the Rev. R. C. Mather brought out an edition of entire Bible in one volume, and the New Testament, monoglott and diglott, in roman letter. In 1870, under the editorship of Mr. Mather, new editions of the Bible in both arabic and roman letters were printed at Mirzapore, and large editions have followed since. A slight revision of the Bible, confined chiefly to printer's errors and palpable mistakes and want of uniformity in spelling, was carried through in 1887 by the Rev. F. A. P. Shirreff of the Church Missionary Society, and the Rev. J. A. Lambert of the London Missionary Society. The Bible thus revised was placed in the hands of a Revision Committee in India, with a view to the preparation of copy when a new edition shall be required.
An edition of the Bible in Urdu, with references in Persian character, was published by the American Bible Society at Lodiana, 1883.


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