J A Shurman ~ Time line

Marriage to Juliana Wilhelmina Cammerer

2 July 1833 | London, England

in St Matthews, Bethnel Green, London

The marriage ceremony was conducted by Pastor Alexander M'Cauly, missionary to the Jews, in the presence of John Christian Reichardt and Caroline ... ...1 ]
  1. Marriage Records for St Matthew Bethnel Green, County of Middlessex, UK, Page 25, No 73. -- M'Caul and Johann Christian Reichardt were translators of the New Testament into Hebrew for the London Society for Promoting Christianity Amongst the Jews. [Wikipedia]. Previously, during the late 1820s, Reichardt, a German native from Düsselthal (now Düsseldorf), had been a missionary to North India for the Church Missionary Society; see extracts of his diary entries from May 1827 in Missionary Register, Vol 16, 1828. Pages 499, 351-355. [Google Books]. [ ▲ ]

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