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Additional Entry in Birth Register Schledehausen

mid-1833 | Schledehausen, Germany

Local Lutheran pastor Voss in Schledehausen entered a side comment to JAS’s birth register entry about him going to China as a missionary: 

Dieser Johann Adam Schürmann ist im Jahre 1833 als Missionar nach China zu Gützlaff gegangen, nachdem er in der Jänikenschen Missionsanstalt zu Berlin gebildet worden war.  G.Voß, Pastor. [This John Adam Schürmann went in 1833 as a missionary to Gützlaff in China, after being educated as a missionary at the Jänicke Mission Institute.]1 ]

Voss's reference to missionary Gützlaff is no coincidence.  Karl Gützlaff (1803-1851) had trained as a missionary at the Jänicke Mission Institute in Berlin between 1821 and 1823, with an emphasis on languages.  Sent out to East Asia by the Netherlands Missionary Society in 1826, he became one of the most popular East Asia missionary, mainly because of his publications, but also for being one of the first Protestant missionaries in China to wear Chinese clothing.

Gützlaff had maintained contact with the Jänicke Mission Institute, sent them Chinese language study material, and his own request for missionary assistance some years later became the reason why John Adam Shurman's younger brother, Clamor Wilhelm Schürmann, also expected to be sent to China but, after joining the newly established Lutheran Missionary Society in Dresden, was commissioned for South Australia. The London Missionary Society was in those years the only other Protestant mission agency represented in China.2 ]

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  2. For more detail see the Wikipedia entries on Karl Gützlaff in English and German. [ ▲ ]

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