J A Shurman ~ Time line

Mission Report

Mid-1838 | Benares Mission, India
London Missionary Society ... Benares
—Rev. Messrs. W: Buyers, J. A. Schurman, R. C. Mother; 3 native assistants—P. ’77.
The Rev. J. Kennedy left England for this station Sept. 15, 1838. The Hindustani church has 18 communicants, and about as many baptized persons not communicants. A new translation of the New Testament has been finished in the most plain and simple dialect of the country. The missionaries have engaged to take 50 orphan children, who were left destitute in the dreadful famine that has prevailed in North India.  [Miss. Mag, April, Oct., 1838.]1 ]
  1. Published Monthly under the Direction of the Elma Committee, ed. The Missionary Chronicle: Containing the Proceedings of the Board of Foreign Missions and of the Board of Domestic Missions of the Presbyterian Church: And a General View of Other Benevolent Operations. Vol. VII, No 3, March 1939. New York: 1839. Page 75. [GoogleBooks]. [ ▲ ]

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