J A Shurman ~ Time line

Public meeting with missionary Schurman Caithness, Scotland

Early August 1844, Scotland, England

The meeting happened in the in Temperance Hall, Wick.1 ] -- This building was constructed in 1840 as a hall capable of holding 1000 people for the ‘Total Abstinence Society of Wick and Pulteneytown’. Between 1843 and November 1844 it was used by the Free Church congregation, who filled the hall to overcrowding. They worshipped in the open air when the weather became warmer.2 ]

  1. John O’Groat Journal Friday, 16 August 1844, in: ambaile highland history & culture : newspaper index, accessed 1.5.2014.  — Date of event is uncertain at this point of time.  Unfortunately, the Website link is not longer available. [ ▲ ]
  2. [SCHR Places of Worship in Scotland[. [ ▲ ]

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