J A Shurman ~ Time line

Call to China

1831 to 1832 | Berlin, Germany

When Rückert received a request for a missionary to be sent to China, most likely from his former student and now China missionary, Karl Gützlaff, JAS volunteered and commenced Chinese studies under a Dr Sc[h]ott.1 ]  However, the funds of the Jänicke Mission Institute were too low to send him out2 ], and the Institute consented that JAS offered his services to the LMS, apparently still for a position in China. [JAS-A, Page 2].

  1. This name seems to refer to the German Orientalist and Sinologist Wilhelm Schott (1802-1889).  As a young man, he studied Eastern Asian languages at the Friedrich-Wilhelm University in Berlin, but already in 1833 he began teaching the Chinese language and philosophy.  In 1838 he became a Professor at the University of Mainz.  Schott was an honourable member of the Berlin Society for Anthropology, Ethnology and Prehistory. For more detail, see [Wikipedia Germany] and [Neue Deutsche Biographie], both in German and with bibliography. [ ▲ ]
  2. The Mission Institute had never sent out its own missionary, but through mission agencies in London (CMS and LMS), the Netherlands and Basel. [ ▲ ]

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