Missionary Johann A Schürmann (1809-1852)

J A Shurman ~ Introduction

Johann Adam Schürmann was an older brother of Clamor Wilhelm Schürmann and worked as a missionary for the London Missionary Society in Benares, Northern India, between 1834 and his death in 1852.  For Clamor, he was not only the role model to train for mission work at the Jaenicke Mission Institute in Berlin, but possibly also in his actual work as a missionary-linguist with the Aboriginal communities in colonial South Australia.

John Adam Shurman, mid-1830s
John Adam Shurman (1809-1852)
probably in Benares, Northern India, mid-1830s1 ]

Johann Adam's story is worth telling because of his achievements as Urdu linguist and Bible translator, together with his fellow missionaries ("Benares Version"), but has not yet been researched in detail. The following collection of documents is based on contemporary publications made accessible through Google Books and other sources, the Shurman correspondence from the London Missionary Society archives, and a few family archive items.  Some of the publications (e.g. the society-owned annual missionary journals like the LMS Missionary Register, annual LMS reports, or international missionary journals) have published a wide range of messages on Shurman and his fellow missionaries in Northern India in various forms, including "letters received". 

There are a number of related issues: 

First, Shurman's name is being spelled in different forms (not least because he anglicized it in the 1840s), as indicated at the top of the person profile, making it hard to trace pieces relating to him.  Two, the published messages all reflect an official endorsement of his actual writings.  Also, results of online-based research are rather incidental.

So far, I am not aware that anybody has ever researched in detail the archival collections relating to Rev. Shurman and the Benares Mission (and related correspondence partners) of the London Missionary Society and held at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London, or in regional archives and Libraries in Northern India.  Most likely, this section of the Pirltawardli Website represents one of the most comprehensive, although not complete, collection of details on the "J A Shurman" story.

  1. Source: The Evangelical Magazine and Missionary Chronicle (London Missionary Society), for February 1846. Page 58. [Google Books]. [ ▲ ]

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