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J A Shurman ~ Sources about Benares

Links to some general and contemporary sources on the city of Benares, Northern India.

General Sources

  • Wikipedia on Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh English | German
  • Publications on the Benares Mission (London Missionary Society) at the School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS) Library, University of London

Other Publications (by date)

  • London Missionary Society. Benares Mission. Report of the Benares Mission [in connection with the London Missionary Society] .. Mirzapore: Orphan School Press.
  • London Missionary Society. Benares Mission. 1920. Centenary review : 1820 to 1920 / London Missionary Society, Benares. Calcutta : Banerjee Press. [SOAS]


  • Smith, Thomas and John Overton Choules.  1832. The origin and history of missions ...: compiled from authentic documents. Boston. Pages 473-474. [Google Books]
  • Adam, M. T. [late LMS missionary to India]. 1835.  Benares, in The Baltimore Literary and Religious Magazine for 1835, Volume 1. Baltimore. Pages 132-138 [Google Books] [complete text in the Pirltawardli web]
  • Ostertag, Albert, & Carl Benjamin Leupolt. 1846. Leupolt's Erinnerungen an das Missionswerk in Benares.  Basel: Bahnmaier's Buchhandlung.  [Archive.org]
    In English: Leupolt, C. B. (missionary of the Church Missionary Society at Benares).  Recollections of an Indian missionary.   London : Church Missionary House. [Archive.org]1 ]
  • Buyers, W.2 ] (missionary at Benares, author of "Letters on India"). 1848. Recollections of northern India: With observations on the origin, customs, and moral sentiments of the Hindoos, and remarks on the country, and principal places on the Ganges, &c. London : Glasgow : Aberdeen: John Snow. [Google Books]
  • Warren, Joseph. 1856. A glance backward at fifteen years of missionary life in north India. Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication. [Google Books]3 ].
  • Wyman, Frederick F. (By an old Indian). 1866. From Calcutta to the Snowy Range;  Being the Narrative of a Trip through the Upper Provinces of India to the Himalayas, containing an account of Monghyr, Benares, Allahabad, Cawnpore, Lucknow, Agra, Delhi, and Simla. [Open Library]
  • Sherring, Matthew Atmore & Fitzedward Hall. 1868. The Sacred City of the Hindus: An Account of Benares in Ancient and Modern Times [Archive.org]
  • Gogerly, G., 1871. The pioneers: A narrative of facts connected with early Christian missions in Bengal, chiefly relating to the operations of the London Missionary Society. London: John Snow & Co. [SOAS] [Google Books]
  • Davis, John Francis. 1871. Vizier Ali Khan; Or, The Massacre of Benares: A Chapter in British Indian History.  [Archive.org]
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  • Historical sketches of the India missions of the Presbyterian church in the United States of America : known as the Lodiana, the Farrukhabad, and the Kolhapur missions : from the beginning of the work, in 1834, to the time of its fiftieth anniversary, in 1884.  Allahabad : Allahabad Mission Press.5 ] [Archive.org]
  • Kennedy, James (Late missionary in Northern India). 1892.  Memoir of Margaret Stephen Kennedy, by her Husband. London: James Nisbet & Co. [University of Toronto Linbrary]
  • Parker, Arthur [LMS missionary]. 1901.  A Handbook of Benares
  • Richter, Julius. 1908. A History of Missions in India. Translated by Sydney H. Moore
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  • Sen, Rajani Ranjan. 1912.  The Holy City (Benares). [Archive.org]
  • Powell, Avril A. 1993.  Muslims and Missionaries in Pre-Mutiny India.  London Studies on South Asia No. 7.6 ]
  • Semple, Rhonda Anne. 2003. Missionary women: gender, professionalism, and the Victorian idea of Christian mission. Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK: Boydell Press.7 ]
  1. more details in a report on the Missionary Progress of Education and Scripture Knowledge by Mr Wybrow in May 1839, in The Church Missionary Record, Volume 11, 1840, p127 [Google Books] [ ▲ ]
  2. Buyers was a missionary colleague of J. A. Shurman at Benares [ ▲ ]
  3. The US Presbyterian missionary Warren began work with J.A. Shurman at the revision of the Urdu Bible, and after Shurman's death continued his work on it. He thus was an eye witness of the LMS Benares Mission between 1838 and 1854, and 1872 until his death 1877. In this life story he writes (Page 185):
    "The Urdú Bible was soon expended, and a new edition needed. It was generally agreed that it required some revision. The late Rev. J.A. Shurman, of Benares, was requested to revise it, assisted by me. His valuable life was cut short [30.9.1852] when the Old Testament was about half done; and I finished it, with such assistance as I could get -- not attempting so close a revision, however, as the first part had received. It is not probable that the translation is yet quite as good as it ought to be, and we may look for further improvements. The New Testament revision was in the hands of a separate committee."
    More details: Presbyterian Heritage Centre - Biographical Index of Missionaries: India; Melissa's World about his life as a Presbyterian minister in the US. [ ▲ ]
  4. Kennedy was an immediate missionary colleague of J.A. Shurman [ ▲ ]
  5. This publication offers a wider context about the US Presbyterian Mission in Northern India at the times of J.A Shurman for LMS at Benares. [ ▲ ]
  6. This book is a highly interesting study of the religious discourse between North Indian Muslims and Western Christian missionaries in the Ganges core region with which Benares borders to the East, in the early 19th century.  It places this relationship in the context of the Islam tradition of munazara, Urdu for religious disputations, both in the historical past of the wider Christian-Muslim encounter and the contemporary local debates in 1854 leading to the political uprising in 1857.  It thus provides the religious, cultural and political background to John Adam Shurman's life and work in Benares from a regional Muslim perspective. [ ▲ ]
  7. While the title of the book is misleading, chapter 3 provides a general overview of the LMS mission work in Northern India, including the Benares mission station. [ ▲ ]

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