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The Report of the Directors to the 40th General Meeting of LMS

15 May 1834 | Report | LMS Directors, Exeter Hall, London.
The efficiency ofsome of the stations occupied by our esteemed brethren has been greatly diminished by the removals which illness and death have occasioned. Mr. James Robertson, the Sçciety`s eminently-qualified and devoted Missionary at Benares, one of the most important stations in India, was suddenly removed by death from the midst of his labours and usefulness, on the 15th of June, 1833.

... Since the last meeting of the Society, Mrs. Freeman, and Mr. Edward Baker, accompanied by Mrs. Baker, have returned to Madagascar. Within the same period, the Society has also sent forth Mr Charles Miller to Travancore, Mr. and Mrs. Mather, and Mr and Mrs. Schürmann, to Benares; Mr. and Mrs. Loxton to Raiatea; Mr. Stallworthy, and Mr. and Mrs. Rodgerson, to the Marquesas; Mr. James Howe, and Mr. John Ross, to Berbice; Mr. and Mrs. Haywood, and Mr. and Mrs. Watt, to Demerars. Since the last meeting of the Society, nineteen individuals have gone out; a larger number than the Societyhas for a long period of time sent forth in any single year. In addition to these, ten devoted brethren have received their appointments, and will, as soon as circumstances admit, embark for the foreign stations of the Society.

This station has been deprived of the valuable services of the late Mr. James Robertson, who was removed by death on the 15th June, 1833.
Before the intelligence of Mr. Robertsons's removal came to hand, the Directors, solicitous to increase the efiiciency of the Mission, had sent out two Missionaries, viz., Mr. Robert Cotton Mather, and Mr. John Adam Schürmann, who, with Mrs. Mather, and Mrs. Schürmann, sailed from Portsmouth in the ship Alexander, Captain Waugh, on the 9th July, 1833. On the 30th of July, 1833, Mr. Buyers, who had visited Calcutta, entered into the marriage-relation with Miss Mary Ann Walker, who had accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Campbell to Bengal.
Mr. Buyers, from the date of his colleague's death, had the sole charge of this important Mission. He has been also engaged in translating the Pilgrim's Progress, and Gibbs's Scripture Catechism, into Urdu and Hinduee. 'The former he has abridged and adapted to the circumstances of his Indian readers; the latter he also intended to translate into Persian.
Previous to the anniversary of the Calcutta Auxiliary Society, held 6th November, 1833, Mr. Buyers visited that city; and on his return to Benares, he wrote to the brethren in Calcutta, stating that he had' resumed his labours, and though he found that the schools and congregations had diminished by his absence, yet they were upon the whole in an encouraging state; and he cherishedthe hope that, by the blessing of God, they would soon be still more so. In the chapel he had three services every week, which were generally well attended.
Mr. Buyers states that the Gospel is gaining ground in Benares, and a favourable impression with respect to Christianity has already spread to a considerable extent.

Disbursements for the Year 1833-1834


NORTHERN. -- Calcutta, Kidderpore, Chinsurah, Berhamporse, Benarea, and Surat.  For Salaries, Travelling, Expenses, Voyages for Health, Native Schools, Equipment, Passage of Mr. and Mrs. Mather, and Mr. and Mrs. Schurmann &c.
Paid in England
 4,521 0 9
Received and Expended at Surat


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The Report of the Directors to the Fortieth General Meeting of the Missionary Society, usually called the London Missionary Society, on Thursday, May 15th, 1834. Volumes 40-42. Page(s): 1 (pdf 22), 2-3 (pdf 23-24), 37-38 (pdf 56-57), lv (pdf 196).

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