Johann A Schürmann ~ Correspondence

The Report of the Directors to the 46th General Meeting of LMS

14 May 1840 | Report | LMS Directors, Exeter Hall, London.

Mr. Kennedy arrived at Benares on the 3lst of March 1839 and has commenced his labours among the native population. Mr. Lyon has been compelled by the serious illness of Mrs. Lyon, to leave (at least for the present,) the work on which he had but just entered. Having embarked at Calcutta in the Owen Glemlower, Captain Toller, on the 3rd of December, our friends arrived in London on the 2nd of April.

The number of services held during the week at this station has been increased to 20, 1 of which is in English, and the rest in Urdu and Hindui. Though the native congregations are

generally not numerous, their attention to the word spoken is very encouraging. The brethren have still, however, to lament the absence of any decisive proofs of conversion. During the

year only one adult Hindoo has been baptized. Others desire to make an open profession, but are deterred froın coming forward chiefly by a fear of losing caste. Several candidates for baptism have been rejected on account of the uncertainty felt by the brethren as to whether they were suitably prepared for the proper reception of the rite.

The boys in the Orphan School, 9 in number, have been principally under the care of Mr. Kennedy.

The Female Boarding School in the Mission Compound is continued, and presents a promising aspect.

The labours of the Mission have been increased by the establishment, in the course of the year, of 8 day-schools, which contain 243 boys, and another day-school containing 62 girls. These schools, it is hoped, will not only be instrumental in imparting scriptural knowledge to the pupils, but also prove a valuable medium of communication with the people. While conferring tlıese substantial advantages, it is satisfactory to know that the superintendence of them will not infringe on those still more important labours of the brethren which aim at the

everlasting salvation of the human myriads that surround them.

The printing of the Urdu New Testament [by J.A. Shurman] has been completed, and it is now in the hands of the people. Considerable progress has been made in the translation of the Old Testament, but the essential work of revision has suffered some delay from causes over which the brethren had no control.


Published in:
The Report of the Directors to the Fortieth General Meeting of the Missionary Society, usually called the London Missionary Society, on Thursday, May 15th, 1834. Volumes 46. Page(s): 44 (pdf 63).

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