Johann A Schürmann ~ Correspondence

The J.A. Shurman Correspondence

This section collects articles from a variety of sources.  Most notably is, of course, Shurman's personal correspondence of which not much has survived other than what has been archived by the London Missionary Society.  Some of these letters were photographed and transcribed by friends of the family and will be reproduced here, if their content is of public interest.  Should you as a family member be interested in more detail, please contact me.

[Google Books] and [] and other such repositories of out-of-copyright publications, have become an invaluable source of contemporary 19th century publications.  Searching them is considerably easier than only 10 years ago, and some of the results are collected in this section. However, this is not a systematic summery.  I have focused on references that include J.A. Shurman and his family, and such documents that are related directly to his work, some of which were published by his more vocal colleagues. 

All these documents reflect, of course, the mood of the day and have initially been published for promotional purposes.  But a closer reading also shows an interesting tension between the public line of describing the "mission (and colonial!) subjects" and the influence these very same people had upon the thinking and acting of the missionaries.  Typical for the time, very few "native" people feature in these documents, and even less with their (full) names. Yet, this is their story.

Future research needs to approach the subject more systematically to paint a picture of the Benares Mission in its full context of Hindu and Muslim Northern India.  This is not possible, at the moment, within this website. 

If you are aware of additional documents or studies, please contact me.

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