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Conversion of a Chinese man

29 August 1839 | Letter | J A Shurman, Benares Mission, Uttar Pradesh, North India to LMS.

Mr Shurman writes under date August 29. It will be observed that further interesting allusion is made by him to the Chinese convert mentioned by Mr Buyers. The extract from his letter:

Since the month of April when, I last vote in conjunction with Mr Buyers, I have been engaged, as usual, in preaching or Gospel to both Christians and Hindoos, in places set apart for that purpose, and in he markets and streets of Benares. Though the message of the Gospel is generally listened to with seriousness, and often with deep interest, still I cannot report any conversion having recently taken place by my preaching in the city.
In Salem Chapel were Mr Buyers and myself preach alternately, there have been two conversions. One of the individuals is a Roman Catholic, formerly an abandoned character; but since regularly attending Divine worship he has become a religious man. We hope that his conversion is genuine and deep.
The other is a respectable young. Chinese When he first came to Benares he was neither a Hindoo nor a Mussulman; and as he found no temple of his own religion, he attended our chapel, at first simply because he felt not comfortable in living without any religion whatever. After attending regularly for some time, he began to feel a deep interest in the subject of religion, and at his earnest request, Mr Buyers baptised him. There was nothing remarkable in his conversion; still we hope that his views and feelings have undergone an entire change, which, no doubt, is sufficiently remarkable.
Our church members are at present eighteen in number; so that although our progress as it respects conversions is small, we have, in other respects made some progress, for which we would offer up heart felt thanks to the great Head of the Church. Brabhudin, the Brahmin, whom I formerly baptised, gives us great delight by his consistent Christian conduct.
On the 22nd of this month Mr Lyon preached his first sermon in Hindustani to a meeting of Christians. I was present, to assist him in the service.
We are truly thankful to the Directors for having sent Mr and Mrs Lyon to Benares.


Published in:
Evangelical Magazine and Missionary Chronicle, Vol 17 New Series. 1839 Page(s): 145-146.

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