Johann A Schürmann ~ Correspondence

Missionary Instructions to Children in England

9 June 1844 | Newspaper | Newspaper correspondend, Hope Street Chapel, Hull, England.

During a home visit in 1844 in England, J A Shurmann also attended the 81st anniversary of the Hull Auxiliary Missionary Society and spoke to children about his work in India. This is a news paper item:

Home Intelligence
Hull. -- In connection with the 81st anniversary of the Hull Auxiliary Missionary Society the teachers and children of the Sabbath schools belonging to the Congregational churches were assembled on Lord's day afternoon June 9 1844 in Hope Street Chapel when instructive addresses were delivered by the Revs James Sibree, Thomas Archer, MA of London, Thomas Stratten, and JC (sic) Shurman, missionary from Benares, which were listened to with deep interest and attention by the crowded audience.
A collection was made amounting to upwards of Pound 8 and it was gratifying to notice the cheerfulness and readiness of the children to give their pence to assist in sending the Gospel to the perishing heathen. It is hoped that these interesting assemblies of the "Lambs of the flock" will be generally adopted throughout the country at missionary anniversaries.


Published in:
The Children's Monthly Missionary Newspaper, designed to communicate inteteresting intelligence respective the Missionary efforts of all Evangelical Denominations, in language adapted to the capacities of children. Volume 1, No 9, 1844. Edited by Christian Henry Bateman. Page(s): 72.

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