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Christian School Book Society at Bandras

18.4.1839 | Letter | J A Shurman, Benares Mission, Uttar Pradesh, North India to the editor of the Calcutta Christian Observer, Calcutta, India.

Letter to the editor of the Calcutta Christian Observer to promote the publication of a joint Bible translation into Urdu by missionaries of different denominations in Benares.

Dear Sir I
shall feel obliged if you will kindly inform your readers and the public, in the next number of your valuable periodical, that the friends of religion in Banáras [Benares] have established a School Book Society, for the purpose of preparing and printing a complete set of elementary books for Missionary and other schools conducted on Christian principles. Mr Trevelyan, on his leaving India, generously made over to us the unsold copies of the school books printed by him, chiefly those in the Roman character. There are at present the following books in the Depository of the Society (See the cover).
It will be seen by this list that it is not for want of books that so little is done in this country for educating the millions who are perishing for lack of knowledge. We hope that the time is not far distant when all Christians in this country will feel it their sacred duty to establish schools, wherever Providence has placed them. They are called to show by private exertions what can be done for the mass, before Government will be shamed into a plan of National Education for their Indian Empire.
If schools be established at every station and books bought, the Society at Banáras will cheerfully make every exertion to augment the existing stock; if not, even those which are already in existence will rot on the shelves. For the honor of Christian Philanthropy in this country, we hope the latter will not happen. It is clear that a single individual can do little; but he may do much by stirring up others to unite with him in the blessed work, and their united efforts will accomplish much.
Any number of books in the above list may be obtained by applying to Rev J. A. Shurman, Banáras, who is Secretary and Treasurer of the Society, and who will likewise be happy to receive subscriptions and donations for carrying on the objects of the Society.
Yours truly, S.
Banaras 18th April 


Published in:
The Calcutta Christian Observer, Volume 7/1838 Page(s): 314.

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