Johann A Schürmann ~ Correspondence

Survey on Missionary Stations 1850

1850 | Report | LMS Directors.

Annual summary for the LMS Mission Station at Benares


[Established:] 1820

[Staff] J.A. Shurman, James Kennedy : Joseph Beddy, School Teacher

Schools, 9 : Pupils, 502, of whom 9 Boys and 9 Girls are in the Orphan Asylum (Pp. 169, 170)


The general conduct of the Native Christians has been satisfactory. The Native Church has received only one accession during the year. A Native Missionary Society has been formed. Preaching to the Heathen continues to occupy a prominent place in the labours of the Mission.

Mr Kennedy:

Our journey extended to nearly 800 miles, and occupied fully two months and a half. Our route lay through Miradabud, Merut, Delhi, Aligurh, Agra, Mynpoorie, Cawnpore, Allahabad, and Mirzapore. At these Stations we had the privilege of meeting Christian Brethren, who gave us a kind reception. We had daily opportunities of preaching the Gospel to the inhabitants of the towns and villages through which we passed.

Our labours during this long journey much resembled those reported on former occasions. Hindooism and Mahomedanism presented the same features to which we have been so long accustomed. The remarks of the people, their questions and objections, had a striking resemblance to those which we so constantly meet at Benares. The most deadly error of the Hindoo, and the most deeply lodged in his mind, is the identity of God with nature, and the consequent absence of all proper responsibility. Often this error assumed its boldest form, maintaining that only God exists, and that it is mere illusion to suppose that we have a separate existence. At other times God was spoken of as entirely distinct from his creatures; but then He was conceived to use them as the workman uses his instruments -- the doer their actions and the speaker of their words.


Published in:
Missionary Register for 1850, containing the Principal Transactions of the Various Institutions for Propagating the Gospel with the Proceedings at large of the Church Missionary Society. Volume 38 Page(s): 172-173.

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