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18.9.1843 | Letter | J.A. Shurman, J.A.S. Kennedy, D.G. Watt, William Glen, Benares.

The names of most of the Missionaries labouring at Benares are familiar to many of our readers, and will, we have no doubt, secure their attention to a Circular in which they state their desire to erect a new Mission Chapel, and appeal to their friends for assistance. In a letter to his brother enclosin this Circular, Mr. Kennedy writes as follows:
Since I wrote last I have taken part in an endeavour to raise subscriptions for a new chapel. Our present place is wretchedly uncomfortable, and we have acted unwisely in remaining in it so long. Such a barn of a place you have seldom seen. We have printed a Circular, of which I send you two copies. If you can do anything for us, we shall be much obliged. We require about 6,000 rupees (£600). We expect to raise a good deal in India, but not nearly this sum. If we do not obtain aid from the 'foreign country,' we cannot get on. If you saw our present place, and felt our heat, l am sure you would do something for us. Mr. Buyers was not here when the Circular was drawn up, but he has cordially entered into the matter." 
We recommend the Benares Mission Chapel to the kind and early consideration of our friends. Contributions will be received by our publisher, Mr. MacLEHOSE; David WATT. Esq., Irvine; and the Rev. John KENNEDY, Aberdeen, and duly forwarded. We subjoin to the Circular an extract of a private letter from Mr. James Kennedy, which cannot fail to awaken Christian sympathy in behalf of brethren who are called to labour in circumstances of so much discouragement.
Since 1820 the Agents of the London Missionary Society have carried on operations in Benfires.  In addition to three Chapels in the city, and one in the suburbs, where the Heathen are addressed, we have a Chapel in the Mission Compund, Secrole, in which we have public worship twice on Sabbath, and occasionally on week-days, in the native language.  The congregation at the Mission Chapel is chiefly composed of the Missionaries and their families, the native Christians with their families, and the Teachers of our Bazar Schools with their pupils. The place of meeting is in several respects unsuitable, and in the hot weather is so uncomfortable, that we have been occasionably [sic] obliged to abandon it and meet in the house of the Missionaries. We have long been desirous to have a decent substantial building, in which without distraction public worship might be performed. The present Chapel is close to a noisy Bazar, which makes the site objectionable. Anxiety to leave our various Missionary operations unembarrassed has hitherto prevented us from taking any step to accomplish our wishes.  We feel it, however, our duty to delay no longer.
We propose to erect a new substantial building in a more airy and quiet part of the Mission Compound. To accomplish this most desirable object, we appeal for aid to our Christian friends. We trust they will liberally aid us in the good work of building a place, in which our congregations may assemble with comfort for the worship of God.
It should be stated that for several years an English meeting, chiefly for the benefit of the European artillerymen at the station, has been held at the house of one of the Missionaries. This public meeting in a private dwelling is often inconvenient, especially in the event of sickness. The present Chapel is, on account of its site, as well as state, quite unfit for such a service. We propose to build the new Chapel in such a way as to make it suitable for Europeans as well Natives.
J. A. Shurman
JAS Kennedy
D.G. Watt
William Glen.
"Benares, September 18th, 1843."


Published in:
THE SCOTTISH CONGREGATIONAL MAGAZINE. New Series. Vol IV, 1844. Glasgow: James Maclehose Page(s): 85-89.

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