Johann A Schürmann ~ Correspondence

Survey of Mission Stations 1836 - London Missionary Society

March 1834.

Shurman's first achievements at Benares

Benares -- W. Buyers, John Adam Schürmann, Rob. Cotton Mather. Mr. Mather and Mr. Schürmann arrived at Calcutta with their wives, Nov. 15, 1833:  Mr. and Mrs. Schürmann reached Benares on the 17th of February 1834; but Mr. and Mrs. Mather not till the 7th of September following, having been detained in Calcutta -- Mr. Buyers was enabled, while alone, to continue the usual Services and to preach, during the cooler weather, seven times a week in Hinduwee and once in English; in this course he was animated by evident tokens of the Divine Blessing. He is not able to report an increase of actual conversions; yet has many indications that his public ministrations, in mixed, and frequently numerous congregations, are increasingly successful in removing tbe prejudices and errors by which the people have been so long blinded. Mr. Schürmann had so far acquired the language as to be able, in the autumn of 1834, to take a share in the public exercise of the Ministry. -- In one Persian and four Hinduwee Schools there are 150 scholars. The Teachers and Scholars attend with cheerfulness the Mission Chapel; and there is reason to hope that some are deriving spiritual benefit.


Published in:
Missionary Register for 1836, Volume 24 Page(s): 137.

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