Johann A Schürmann ~ Correspondence

Just Estimate of the Evil of Idolatry

August 1836 | Letter | J.A, Shurman, Benares Mission, Uttar Pradesh, North India to Board of Directors LMS, London.

Extract from a letter reflection Hindoo Theology

Every day convinces me more deeply of the evil of Idolatry. How much error has been published on this subject by European Writers! Some find a pure, sublime and mystical sense under every idolatrous rite: others consider it as a system of amusements adapted to the seasons of the year: others trace its origin to geographical and physical causes. While in Europe, I anticipated with pleasure the time when I should investigate it for myself; and I am now fully satisfied, that it is only a system of deep and dark iniquity. It cherishes a love of sin by its ceremonial atonements, without attempting to remove it: the Hindoo who bathes to-day in the Ganges, or makes a pilgrimage to any holy place, though committing on the way all manner of iniquity, or who gives something to a temple or its attendant Brahmins, has atoned for all his sins, past, present, and future, and can tomorrow sin with an easy conscience and in comfort.

How happy should I be could I Inform you that many in Benares see the evil of their sins and ask, What shall I do to be saved? But this, alas! is not yet the case. There are many who profess to believe the Gospel, and who have discontinued idolatrous practices; but they do not appear to realize a suitable conviction of their own sinfulness.


Published in:
Missionary Register, 24/1836 Page(s): 388.

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