Missionary Clamor W Schürmann (1815-1893)

Clamor W Schürmann - Time line 1815-1893

Time line of Schürmann's complete life history.

Germany 1815-1838

  • 1815 
    Born 7 June at Ellerbeck near Osnabrück, Hannover, Germany
  • 1832-36 
    Trained at Jänicke’s Mission Institute, Berlin, 23 July 1832‒29 July 1836.
  • 1836-38 
    Trained at DMS seminary in Dresden.
    Ordained 4 February and commissioned to Australia on February 8 with Teichelmann.
  • 1838 
    Voyage to Adelaide South Australia via London and Rio de Janeiro, February to October.
    Arrives in SA together with Teichelmann and Gawler 12 October.

Missionary in South Australia

  • 1838-40 
    Works in Adelaide Aboriginal Mission based at Piltawodli.
  • 1839 
    Begins Kaurna school at Piltawodli 23 December.
  • 1840 
    Plans a mission at Encounter Bay. Started learning Ramindjeri.
    Schürmann and Teichelmann’s Kaurna grammar and vocabulary published August 1840.
    10 September goes to Port Lincoln as sub-Protector of Aborigines.
  • 1842 
    Reports shooting of innocent Aboriginal people. Sub-Protector position abolished September 30. Grey persuades Schürmann stay in Port Lincoln.
  • 1842-45 
    Requests for land and government assistance for an Aboriginal settlement denied.
  • 1843-45 
    Teaches Barngarla farming skills on his own small farm.
  • 1844 
    Publishes a vocabulary and grammar of the Parnkalla/Barngalla language. 
    Declines offer of position at Walkerville English school for ‘Murray’ children.
    Requests for government support to start a school at Port Lincoln denied.
  • 1846 
    In January, missionaries decide to consolidate work in two locations, Adelaide and Encounter Bay.
    Schürmann moves to Encounter Bay March 1848 where he teaches in Meyer’s school.
    Publishes The Aboriginal tribes of Port Lincoln in South Australia.
    In September the missionaries decide to relinquish aid from the DMS.
  • 1846-48 
    Farms with Meyer and Ramindjeri people.
  • 1847 
    Marries Wilhelmine (Minna) Charlotte Maschmedt on 11 February at Encounter Bay.
  • 1848 
    Lutheran Mission in South Australia closed.
    Governor Robe asks Schürmann to go to Port Lincoln as court interpreter.
  • 1849 
    Schürmann starts Barngarla school at ‘Wallala,’ North Shields, near Port Lincoln at Governor Young’s request.
  • 1850 
    Archdeacon Hale begins Poonindee mission in October.
  • 1851 
    Schürmann offered a position at Poonindie. He declines.

Lutheran Pastor in the Western District, Victoria

  • 1853 
    Hale takes responsibility for Schürmann’s school 1 January. Students moved to Poonindie in February.
    Schürmann takes a call to minister to German Lutherans in Victoria’s Western District, based at Tarrington.
  • 1863 
    Asked to begin mission work in Lake Eyre Basin but declines.
  • 1885-93 
    President of the Victorian district, Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Australia.
  • 1891 
    Minna Schürmann dies October 28, 1891.
  • 1893 
    Dies March 3. Buried in Adelaide but reinterred in Tarrington.

(Source: Christine Lockwood. 2014. The Two Kingdoms. PhD Uni Adelaide with additions by me)

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