Missionary Clamor W Schürmann (1815-1893)

Schürmann, CW ~ Time line 1838

Schürmann’s journey from Dresden, Saxony to infant South Australia took him across Germany and to London and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  He was 23 years of age.

Journey to South Australia

CWS began writing his diary at the day of embarkation of his ship from England to South Australia.  His travels from Dresden in February 1838 to London have to be reconstructed based on his letters home [CWS-L (Date)] and secondary literature.

  • February 1838
    Dresden to Leipzig:
    meeting with Mr Tauchnitz;  reference to emotional farewell  [CWS-L 29.02.1838]
  • 29 February 1838
    unsuccessful attempt to acquire an edition of Luther’s Writings;  meeting with D Volkmann discussing outcome of previous Mission Society board meeting, the Stephanites and the strict Lutherans [CWS-L 29.02.1838]
  • Leipzig to Osnabrück:
    Travel in a coach with three other passengers, a Quaker, an Anglican and a Moravian, but could only have a sensible and Christian conversation with the Quaker. [CWS-L 23.03.1838]
  • 23 February [?, should be March] 1838
    Arrival in Osnabrück/Schledehausen:
    Final farewell visit;  sympathy and encouragement amongst fellow church members for being heir first missionary and support for the Lutheran Dresden Missionary Society;  local Pastor Voss promises to deliver donations to Dresden, at present 20-30 Thaler.  Meeting with Pastor Weibezahn, a renowned Lutheran revival Pastor in Osnabrück whom he hands over all printed information re Dresden Mission.
  • 03 March 1838 Departure for Hannover  [CWS-L 23.03.1838]
    “On Pastor C.W Schürmann’s departure per train a little neice appeared with a loaf of bread & a pice of sausage – ran along the platform to give him so he had something to eat in the new country.”1 ]
  • 05 March 1838
    Annual mission conference (Mission Journal, distribution of donations, amongst them 300 Thaler for Dresden).  Receives a friendship book with signatures by all friends, and six pairs of socks. Is asked to sent regular reports. [CWS-L 23.03.1838]
  • March 1838
    Does not find as much support for the Northern German Missionary Society as expected after reading the previous Annual Dresden Mission Report.  [CWS-L 23.03.1838]
  • March 1838
    Approx. eight days in Hamburg.
    Meets with Johann Matthias Heyn, a supporter of Confessional Lutheranism in Hamburg and the missionaries’ point of contact in Germany according to the instructions given to them2 ] Discussions with local Lutherans about the Confessional Lutherans, amongst them Kavel.  Meeting with local representatives of the Hamburg Mission (Auxiliary?) Society and discussions about Lutheran principles in the context of confessional schism. [CWS-L 29.03.1838]

“After waiting a long time and unnecessarily paying out money (I have only 6 Louis dore left out of which sum I have to pay for laundry, a bill of more than a week, and buy many small items for the journey). At my departure from my fatherland, which I am finding increasingly difficult, I commend myself to you as to all the Brethren for your prayers and remembrance and I remain in genuine affection … N.S. The crossing costs: Three pounds sterling each in a second class cabin for which only 100 pounds of luggage is free.”  [CWS-L 29.03.1838, page 3]

  • End of March 1838
    [CWS Letter is missing according to reference in following letter]
    CWS considers the time spent in London as “time and money lost. Indeed as you will have experienced, one can easily pass six weeks in limitless London without becoming bored, and we certainly cannot complain of that.”
    Meeting with a few acquaintances and networking, amongst others in a local mission gathering.  Observes conflict between Lutheran Pastor August Kavel and local Lutheran pastors about confessional Lutheranism, and also the English Independents.
    Meeting with George Fife Angas, the mission sponsor and chairman of the SA Company, who promises to pay for accommodation and food for the two missionaries in London, introduces the case of the Aborigines in SA at a banquet for Governor Gawler and collects 25£ donations.  He requests the missionaries to send regular reports for publication, but excluding church-related matters. [CWS-L 25.05.1838]
  • 26 May 1838
    Boarding the vessel Pestorjee Bornarjee [CWS-L 25.05.1838], a migrant ship with some 300 people on board causing discomfort and quarrels [CWS-L 06.08.1838].  They are placed in the middle deck, with lack of air and light and service [CWS-D 27.05.1838].
  • 28 May 1838
    Departure from Blackwell, London.
    Very little wind, stayed in Plymouth 4 to 11 June. 
    The missionaries were asked by the doctor to preach on the vessel as no Anglican clergy was present.  CWS refused for conscientious reasons, but upon Gov Gawler’s request Teichelmann accepted. [CWS-D 28.05.1838]
  • 1 July 1838
    Bay of Biscay
  • 30 August 1838. [CWS-L 06.08.1838]
    Rio de Janeiro
  • Sunday 2 September 1838
    Rio De Janeiro
    Teichelmann preaching on board, CWS visiting Rio.  Met a German tailor from Fallersleben who told him about the German community of soldiers in Rio who would welcome a preacher from Prussia.  Observes again, as in London and amongst his fellow travellers, a low standard of moral and living.  Two vessels in the harbour with negro slaves captured by a British warship. [CWS-L 06.08.1838]
  • ...
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  2. Point 1 of Instruktion für die beiden Missionare der evangelisch-lutherischen Missions-Gesellschaft zu Dresden Chr. G. Teichelmann aus Dahme Herz Sachsen und Clamor W. Schürmann aus Schledehausen (bei Osnabrück), in: RHEINWALD, Georg Friedrich Heinrich. Acta Historico-Ecclesiastica seculi XIX. Published by G. F. H. Rheinwald. Jahrg. 1835-37., 1838. Page 680. [ ▲ ]

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