The “Schürmann” Name

Since late medieval times, the given name of a person was supplemented by a family name. A sophisticated naming system became necessary for the state and church administrations to identify its citizens and to indicate family ties in times of an increasing population, trade and mobility.

The “Schürmann” name is derived from the German “Scheuer” or its north-western variation “Schür” for “Scheune” (barn).1 ] However, onomatology literature offers a variety of meanings. One interpretation refers to Schürmann or Scheuermann as the official administrator of a manorial barn and the 10% tithe of farming produce (“Kornzehnt“).2 ] However, in most cases this surname being widespread, in particular, in the South-west of Lower Saxony and in Westfalia, refers to the place of residence of its first bearer.3 ] On the other hand, there is some historical evidence in the Osnabrück county that the “Schürmann” name simply refers to a person working and living in a barn. For instance, the descendants of Johan tor Schuren („Johann zu der Schüre“) listed in 1540 as a resident of the settlement of Oesede subsequently bore the name “Schürman(n)“; the descendants of Arnt tho der Scuren, registered in the city of Ibbenbüren in 1514, were listed in 1604 initially as “Schuirman” and some time later they were given the name “Schürmann“.4 ]

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Geogen Name Research Germany

Landkreis” = County

This Geogen map shows the absolute distribution of the “Schürmann” name by counties according to German 2002 phone books. Most Schürmann people (190) were listed for the County of Steinfurt (North Rhine-Westfalia), the smallest number in the Alb-Donau County. 4,953 Schürmann name entries were localised in 310 different counties with approximately a total of 13208 people. In relation to the German population, this is an occurance above average. “Schürmann” is ranked 527 amongst the most common names in Germany.

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Regional Map

The Schürmann farmstead "Ellernhof" near the village of Ellernbeck still exists about 15 km East of the city of Osnabrück and approximately 110 km from Enschede at the Eastern borders of The Netherlands.  It is accessible but is private property belonging to the Heilpädagogische Hilfe Osnabrück as a residence for people with disabilities.  Please respect their privacy.

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