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Missionary Register.

Missionary Register containing an abstract of the principal missionary and bible societies throughout the world. From 1816, containing the principal transactions of the various institutions for propagating the gospel with the proceedings at large of the Church Missionary Society. Published from 18131855 by L. B. Seeley & Sons, London.

Online: [Empire Online (available to subscribing institutions)].  Viewed 22.1.2015.
Some editions of the Register are online and downloadable from Google Books:
1814 | 1815 | 1822 | 1823 | 1826 | 1828 | 1829 | 1831 | 1834 | 1836 | 1846, possibly more.
"The Church Mission Society, also known as the Church Missionary Society (CMS), is a group of evangelistic societies working with the Anglican Communion and Protestant Christians around the world. Founded in 1799, CMS has attracted over nine thousand men and women to serve as mission partners during its 200-year history." [Wikipedia].  More bibliographic detail at [].

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