22.02.2016 ~ Republished: "Warraparna Kaurna!"

Reclaiming an Australian language (by Rob Amery, 2016)
"Warraparna Kaurna!" Reclaiming an Australian language (by Rob Amery, 2016)
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by Kaurna Elder
Katrina Karlapina Power
(© 2016 )

Edited to conform with the Revised Spelling of the Kaurna Language since 2010 and with an additional chapter to include the developments of the language reclamation and revival since the early 2000s, the University of Adelaide linguist and Kaurna Language specialist Rob Amery has republished his PhD from 1999/2000.  Amery is also the convener of Kaurna Warra Pintyanthi (KWP), the driver of the language program between University and Community. In his book he presents the most comprehensive account of this remarkable story.  

The publication is available from University of Adelaide Press in print and as pdf for free download.


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