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J A Shurman ~ Urdu Linguist & Bible Translator  »

J A Shurman was involved, initially together with an inter-denominational group of missionary fellows in Benares, in the translation of the the Hebrew Bible and the Greek New Testament into the regional vernacular, Urdu (Hindoostani) using the Roman (Latin) alphabet.  The following articles are reproduced organised by date.

Before November 1839 | Letter | J A Shurman, Benares Mission, Uttar Pradesh, North India to the Editor of the Calcutta Christian Observer.
The whole Bible in Hindustani Roman Character  »
Announcement to the Calcutta Christian Observer of the decision of the missionaries of different denominations at Benáras to publish a joint bible translation into Urdu. [ more » ]
April/May 1840 | Journal to Editor of the Calcutta Christian Observer in Calcutta, India.
Remarks on the omission of certain passages in an Urdu translation of the New Testament .... »
The two following Letters to the Editor of the Calcutta Christian Observer in April and May 1840 shed some light on the principles of the work of bible translation by the missionaries of (inter-denominational) London Missionary Society and the (Anglican) Church Mission Society. The critical letter by "T.S" on the omissions is too long and detailed in its Theological arguments to be published here verbatim. Owing to content and style, the response(s) by the LMS missionaries in Benares was very likely written by J.A. Shurman and is here reproduced at length as an interesting insight into the relationship of the various missionary societies in Benares. [ more » ]
1854 | Summary.
Contributions towards a History of Biblical Translations in India »
"The following papers appeared originally in the Calcutta Christian Observer, and are now republished at the request of the Committee of the Calcutta Auxiliary Bible Society. The name of the papers defines the idea of the Compiler. She does not profess that they form a complete history of Biblical Translations in India; they are simply Contributions to such a history: and it is her hope hat they will be useful also to the future historian of Missions in India, and will serve to preserve the memory of many humble and faithful men, whose work was not of a character to attract much public notice." (Editor) [ more » ]
16.1.1858 | Letter | Rev. R. C. Mather, Waterloo Cottage, Tonebridge to Sir Charles Trevelyan.
Progress made in applying the Roman Letters to the Languages of India up to the Commencement of the Great Mutiniy in 1857 »
The following reprint of a letter by Shurman's fellow missionary, R. C. Mather to Sir Charles Trevelyan, documents the extend in transliterating local languages in the Western Roman alphabet.  [ more » ]
1859 | Summary | George Brown.
Summary of Bible translations effected for the benefit of India by Protestant Missionaries »
The following is a brief summary of the translations effected for the benefit of India, by Protestant Missionaries and others, since the time when the apostolic Ziegenbalg, the first Protestant Missionary, entered that field of labour. [ more » ]
1863 | Summary.
Hindustani Bible Translations »
Summary on the Hindustani/Urdu Bible translations in Northern India. [ more » ]
1880 | Article | Biblical Cyclopedia.
Hindustani Version Of The Scriptures »
Overview about the Hindustani versions of the Bible translations.  [ more » ]
1891 | Summary.
Encylopaedia of Missions (1891): Hindustani Versions of Bible Translations »
Dictionary summary on Hindustani versions of Bible translations. [ more » ]

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