J A Shurman ~ Time line


The first part of this time line is based on the transcript of Shurman's autobiography [JAS-A] written as a MS most likely after his arrival in India and held by the Archives of the London Missionary Society (today SOAS). The details of this document have still to be verified. It seems to have been transcribed by Mr Rex Schurmann (Melbourne) in its first part verbatim and then as a summary, due to time limits. Jan Schürmann translated it into German in 2006, with some annotations [JAS-A2006].

The dates of John Adam Shurmann's life and work as a missionary in India have to be reconstructed from his correspondence with the London Missionary Society [JAS-C] and from secondary literature. 

[ Childhood | Education | Missionary in Northern India | Death & aftermath ]


10 March 1809 | Ellernbeck, Germany
Birth of Johann Adam Schürmann »
approximately 1815 | Astrup, Germany
Commence primary school
in Astrup, where the Ellerbek children went to school [JAS-A2006]
26 May 1816 | Ellernbeck, Germany
Death of father
about 1823 | Lutheran Church Schledehausen, Germany
1825 | Ellernbeck, Germany
Oldest brother converted to Christian faith
and influenced JAS, which triggered the desire in him to become a missionary, but without seeing a chance for the time being.
5 December 1826 | Ellernbeck, Germany
Death of mother.


27 November 18?? to May 1827 | Schledehausen, Germany
Scribe/secretary for the local bailiff
in whose house JAS lived and where he was taught German composition, French grammar, music and other subjects.
7 May 1827 to May 1828 | Hilter , Germany
Further Studies
As the tasks as a secretary for the bailiff limited his abilities to study, JAS moved in with Mr Dalmeir as a pensioner and paid 100 Thaler for accommodation, food and further education. Developed an interest in reading mission reports and applied for training as a missionary.
10 July 1828 to January 1831 | Berlin, Germany
Mission Studies »
19 January 1831 | Berlin , Germany
Matriculation at Berlin University. »
1831 to 1832 | Berlin, Germany
Call to China »
17 November 1832 | Berlin, Germany
left Berlin for London via Holland.
7 December 1832 to June 1833 | London - LMS, England
Arrival at London »
2 July 1833 | London, England
Marriage to Juliana Wilhelmina Cammerer  »
in St Matthews, Bethnel Green, London [ more » ]
8/9 July 1833 6pm | London, England
Departure from London & a surprise donation »

Missionary in Northern India

(15?) 19 November 1833 | Calcutta, India
Arrival at Calcutta, India.  »
21 December 1833 to 17 February 1834 | Ganges River, India
Voyage on the Ganges River
“On my way up the [Ganges] river I studied HINDUSTANI with all my might, and was able to preach to the heathen after three months.” [JAS-A, page 2]
15 July 1834 | Benares, India
Birth of daughter Juliana
2 August 1835 | Benares, India
Birth of daughter Emily
12 August 1835, 10 am | Benares, India
Death of Juliana »
8 April 1837, 3 am | Benares, India
Birth of son Wilhelm.
Early 1838 | Benares, India
Letter to the LMS Board: Kind of Preaching best suited to the Natives  »
Mid-1838 | Benares Mission, India
Mission Report »
1839 | Patua, India
1839 - Visit of missionary brethren at Patua
Visit of missionary brethren at Patua for ten days. Considered return to Europe. Gave up smoking and felt better.
March 1839, India
Mission Report »
1 April 1839 | Benares, India
Birth of son Henry
18 April 1839 | Benares, India
Secretary and Treasurer of the Christian School Book Society at Banáras  »
September 1839 | Calcutta, India
Arrival at Calcutta »
November 1839 | Calcutta, India
Return to Benares. »
19.1.1841, India
Birth of son James
19 February1842 | London, England
Mrs Shurman returns to England »
April 1842 to June 1843 | Calcutta, India
In Calcutta to prepare printing of Urdu Bible »
9 October 1843 to 5 February 1844 | Benares, India
Travel to England »
9 June 1844 | Hull, Essex, England
Hull Auxiliary Missionary Society  »
Shurmann attends mission conference and speaks to Sunday School children.
17 March 1845 to 20 February 1846 | England, United States, India, England
Return voyage to India, via the USA »

Death & aftermath

1 October 1852, 12:15am, India
Death of J A Shurman »
Mid-1850s | Hochkich (Tarringtin), Victoria, Australia
Pastor Clamor W Schürmann expects his brother's children in Australia »

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