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The J.A. Shurman Correspondence  »

This section collects articles from a variety of sources.  Most notably is, of course, Shurman's personal correspondence of which not much has survived other than what has been archived by the London Missionary Society.  Some of these letters were photographed and transcribed by friends of the family and will be reproduced here, if their content is of public interest.  Should you as a family member be interested in more detail, please contact me.

J A Shurman ~ Index of Correspondence held at SOAS  »

This page contains an overview of the correspondence relating to missionary Johann Adam Schürman/John Adam Shurman held in the LMS Archives at the SOAS.  An LMS archivist indexed the various files with notes re sender and receiver, date, and a summary of content.  These files were photographed by Jan Schürmann from Germany in the 1990s.  Some of the letters have been transcribed by Schürmann familiy members. 

March 1834.
Survey of Mission Stations 1836 - London Missionary Society »
Shurman's first achievements at Benares [ more » ]
15 May 1834 | Report | LMS Directors, Exeter Hall, London.
The Report of the Directors to the 40th General Meeting of LMS »
May 1835 | Article | Rev. M. T. Adam.
Benares, by Rev. M. T. Adam (first LMS missionary to Benares) »
A contemporary overview with focus on mission by the first LMS missionary in Benares, India, written during Shurman's early years at Benares. [ more » ]
12 May 1835 | Report | LMS Directors, Exeter Hall, London.
The Report of the Directors to the 41th General Meeting of LMS »
12 May 1836 | Report | LMS Directors, Exeter Hall, London.
The Report of the Directors to the 42th General Meeting of LMS »
August 1836 | Letter | J.A, Shurman, Benares Mission, Uttar Pradesh, North India to Board of Directors LMS in London.
Just Estimate of the Evil of Idolatry  »
Extract from a letter reflection Hindoo Theology [ more » ]
Early 1838 | Letter | J A Shurman, Benares, India to London Missionary Society Board.
Missionaries and Natives »
The Rev JA Schurmann ... sent home a specimen of his method of discoursing on the truths of the Gospel to the Natives the kind of preaching best suited to the Natives. [ more » ]
18.4.1839 | Letter | J A Shurman, Benares Mission, Uttar Pradesh, North India to the editor of the Calcutta Christian Observer in Calcutta, India.
Christian School Book Society at Bandras »
Letter to the editor of the Calcutta Christian Observer to promote the publication of a joint Bible translation into Urdu by missionaries of different denominations in Benares. [ more » ]
10 August 1839 | Diary | Missionary Buyers, Benares Mission, Uttar Pradesh, North India to LMS.
Progress Report from the Benares Mission Station  »
Statements lately received in communications from Messrs Buyers and Shurman of the Benares Mission whose labours continue to be favoured with evident tokens of the Divine blessing Under date August 10 Mr Buyers thus writes:  [ more » ]
29 August 1839 | Letter | J A Shurman, Benares Mission, Uttar Pradesh, North India to LMS.
Conversion of a Chinese man »
Mr Shurman writes under date August 29. It will be observed that further interesting allusion is made by him to the Chinese convert mentioned by Mr Buyers. The extract from his letter:  [ more » ]
14 May 1840 | Report | LMS Directors, Exeter Hall, London.
The Report of the Directors to the 46th General Meeting of LMS »
21.12.1840 | Letter | Rev James Kennedy.
Rev James Kennedy on the Benares Mission  »
Extracts from a letter by Rev James Kennedy describing the situation at Schurman’s mission station at Benares, India, dated December 21, 1840. [ more » ]
April 1842 | Report.
Annual Survey of Missionary Stations - London Mission Society  »
Early 1842  | the missionaries Rev. W Buyers and J. Kennedy, Benares Mission, Uttar Pradesh, North India to Board of Directors LMS in London.
Isai das, Native Evangelist at Benares »
February 1842 | Rev James Kennedy, Benares to Board of Directors LMS in London.
2nd half of 1843 | Report | Benares Auxiliary to London Missionary Society, Benares to Board of Directors LMS in London.
Benares Mission Report 1842-43 »
15.9.1843 | Letter | J.A.S. Kennedy, Benares.
Mission Discourse with Hindoo People »
Kennedy reflects about the inter-religious discourse in Benares with Hindoos and Muslims in discussions with them on the market places and the streets of Benares. [ more » ]
18.9.1843 | Letter | J.A. Shurman, J.A.S. Kennedy, D.G. Watt, William Glen, Benares.
Circular Letter »
16 February 1844 | Letter | Rev James Kennedy, Benares Mission, Uttar Pradesh, North India to Editor of the THE SCOTTISH CONGREGATIONAL MAGAZINE in London.
Letter to the Editor »
6 May 1844 | Report.
British and Foreign School Society -- 39th Anniversary Meeting  »
Shurman participated at the 39th Anniversary Meeting of the British and Foreign School Society.  [ more » ]
June 1844 | Summary.
Names of missionaries at Benares 1844 »
"The [US] missionaries at Benares are Rev Messrs Smith and Schneider, the Church Missionary Society, and Rev Messrs Shurman and Kennedy of London Missionary Society, and Rev Mr Smith a Baptist Missionary." [ more » ]
9 June 1844 | Newspaper | Newspaper correspondend, Hope Street Chapel, Hull, England.
Missionary Instructions to Children in England »
During a home visit in 1844 in England, J A Shurmann also attended the 81st anniversary of the Hull Auxiliary Missionary Society and spoke to children about his work in India. This is a news paper item: [ more » ]
26 July 1846 | Letter | Rev James Kennedy, Benares to Board of Directors LMS in London.
Death of a Native Female, Girya »
In a recent letter, Mr. Kennedy, of Benares, conveys the interesting particulars respecting the conversion and death of a native female, Girya, a member of the church at that station.  [ more » ]
July 1847.
Hindoo Devotee »
This article provides some background to the Hindoo devotee and Christian evangelist, Isaidas, at the LMS Benares mission station in the mid-1840s. [ more » ]
March 1849 | Newspaper.
Obituary for Missionary Rev . M. Hill. »
Death of a missionary in a boat accident near Benares Mission [ more » ]
1850 | Report | LMS Directors.
Survey on Missionary Stations 1850 »
Annual summary for the LMS Mission Station at Benares [ more » ]
2 October 1852 | Letter | Rev. William Buyers, Benares & Rev. R. C. Mather, of Mirzapore to Board of Directors LMS.
Death of John Adam Shurman »
Messages by fellow missionaries Kennedy and Buyers on the death of John Adam Shurman [ more » ]
Late 1853  | Report.
The Bible in Hindustan »
Summary of Bible translations in the Hindustani languages. [ more » ]
16 January 1858 | Letter | The Rev Robert C Mather, Waterloo Cottage, Tonbridge, UK to Sir Charles Trevelyn in Calcutta, India.
Progress made in Applying the Roman Letters to the Languages of India »
At the London Missionary Society (LMS) station in Benares, India, JA Schürmann was involved in translating the Bible into the local vernacular, Urdu.  [ more » ]

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