Missionary Clamor W Schürmann (1815-1893)

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Clamor W Schurmann was a missionary of the Dresden Mission Society in South Australia between 1838 and 1852 and a Pastor of the Lutheran Church in Australia until 1893.

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After their ordination, the missionaries were given instructions which included the request to note their observations in a regular diary and report in letters and minutes about the development of their mission work.  Furtunately, Schürmann and Teichelmann followed this request by each writing a diary, and all four sent hundreds of pages of letters Dresden.  The story of their survival and becoming available will be documented elsewhere.

Unfortunately, very little has survived from the legacy of all four missionaries who as missionaries, teachers, linguists and pastors must have produced their own notes, collected papers and books, and corresponded widely.  Most of it has been lost.

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The survival of Schürmann’s diary in Australia is an interesting case of the research into the resources of the Dresden missionary story in South Australia.

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Time line of Schürmann's complete life history.

Clamor W Schürmann - Time line 1815-1838  »

The first period of the Schürmann life history covers his childhood, youth and education in Germany until 1838.

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Schürmann’s journey from Dresden, Saxony to infant South Australia took him across Germany and to London and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  He was 23 years of age.

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