Names and People

This section provides an overview of people presently active in the Aboriginal language reclamation as discussed in this Website.

Rob Amery (Australian)  [ 1914 ]  »  
Linguist, Head of Department of Linguistics at the University of Adelaide and Convener, Kaurna Warra Pintyanthi (KWP). more »  ]
Mary-Anne Gale (Australian)  [ 1922 ]  »  
Dr Mary-Anne grew up on a farm near Victor Harbor in Ngarrindjeri country. After studies and work as teacher and linguist, she now works with the Ngarrindjeri community in reviving their language. more »  ]
Lewis Yerloburka O'Brien (Kaurna)  [ 1926 ]  »  
Lewis Yerloburka O'Brien, AO, is an Aboriginal Kaurna Elder. Born 25 March 1930 at Point Pearce Mission, on the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia, "Uncle Lewis", as he is widely known, has provided many decades of support to the Aboriginal and whitefella communities, complemented by substantial contributions to scholarly and creative domains, in particular the maintenance and promotion of Kaurna language and culture. (Flinders Uni Website) more »  ]
Chester Schultz (Australian)  [ 1910 ]  »  
Chester Schultz is a pianist and composer. He is the place names researcher for Kaurna Warra Pintyandi.  more »  ]

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