28.02.2016 ~ Barngarla look for Schurmann's school site

"A PROJECT is underway to discover a site of historical importance to the Barngarla Aboriginal people in Port Lincoln.

The Lower Eyre Peninsula’s Kallinyalla Parnkalla Land Sea Aboriginal Corporation is working in joint partnership with the Prescribed Body Corporate Barngarla Native Title Holders Aboriginal Corporation of Eyre Peninsula to find a site relating to missionary Clamor Wilhelm Schurmann.

Schurmann lived around the Port Lincoln area in the early to mid 1840s and was seen as one of the few people who tried to deal kindly with the region’s Barngala people.

The team believes they have found the site on private property near North Shields where Schurmann's cottage was, as well as a school where he taught Barngala children and documented their language. The site was also a safe place for Barngarla adults to camp and receive rations.

The organisations are working with archaeology experts from Flinders University, the University of Queensland and Wallis Heritage Consulting. ..."

This article is related to the visit of the site by a group of Barngarla people, the current team of archaeologist, University of Adelaide researchers, and descendants of Clamor Schürmann, on 3 November 2015 (see article below).

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22.02.2016 ~ Republished: "Warraparna Kaurna!"

Reclaiming an Australian language (by Rob Amery, 2016)
"Warraparna Kaurna!" Reclaiming an Australian language (by Rob Amery, 2016)
Book Cover image
by Kaurna Elder
Katrina Karlapina Power
(© 2016 )

Edited to conform with the Revised Spelling of the Kaurna Language since 2010 and with an additional chapter to include the developments of the language reclamation and revival since the early 2000s, the University of Adelaide linguist and Kaurna Language specialist Rob Amery has republished his PhD from 1999/2000.  Amery is also the convener of Kaurna Warra Pintyanthi (KWP), the driver of the language program between University and Community. In his book he presents the most comprehensive account of this remarkable story.  

The publication is available from University of Adelaide Press in print and as pdf for free download.


Phone: (08) 8313 1721
Website: University of Adelaide Press

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03.11.2015 ~ Visit of former Schurmann residence at Port Lincoln

Links to German linguist hold key to reviving an Aboriginal language
Visit of former Schurmann residence at Port Lincoln

... Earlier this month, Associate Professor Heather Burke and Adjunct Professor Lynley Wallis of Flinders University visited the Eyre Peninsula to begin an archaeological study of Schurmann's home in Port Lincoln [more info here].

"We really want to understand what his life was like in Port Lincoln from the material evidence that he left behind — the things he used, or ate from, or built his house from," Dr Burke said.

The researchers were joined by descendants of Schurmann, members of the Parnkalla [Barngarla] community, members of the local Lutheran community and local historians on their first investigations at the site.

They are now planning a geophysical survey at the site as a precursor to excavating the home to find out what lies beneath.

"It will tell us a different story, because he and his wife were quite poor," Dr Burke said. ...

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