Historical Manuscripts (Primary Sources)

Rückert, Johann Wilhelm. 1838.
[Certificate for C W Schürmann and C G Teichelmann].  27.8.183[6].
Type: Letter. Transcribed by Antje Fasshauer. Translated by Gerhard Rüdiger. Archive: ThStA. Call Number: Attachment to minutes of Theological Exams and Ordination at the Ducal Consistory in Altenburg, 1 and 2 February 1838. ThStA 50 9/238 / 1a. 
[ Rückert, Johann Wilhelm. 1838. Certificate. | 547 ]
Schürmann, Clamor W. 1838-1853  »
Tagebuch von C.W. Schürmann begonnen d. 27ten Mai 1838, am Tage seiner Einschiffung nach Südaustralien. [Diary by C.W. Schürmann, commenced at 27 Mai 1838, the day of his embarkation to South Australia]. 
Type: Diary. Transcribed by Geoff Noller. Translated by Geoff Noller. Archive: ALCA. Call Number: File Schurmann (1), No 3. 
[ CWS-D & date. | 258 ]
Shurman, John Adam. Ca 1834.
[Autobiography (and Person Profile Notes)]. 
Type: Autobiography. Transcribed by Rex Schurmann (ca 1975). Archive: SOAS. Call Number: possibly: CWM/LMS/01/05/4/015 Candidates’ Papers (Shadforth - Stewart) 1796-1899. 
[ JAS-A. | 241 ]

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